• [Ministry of Food and Drug Safety] Analysis of the PR status in relation to the sodium and sugar reduction policy and strategic planning for the future 2016.06 ~ 2016.08 The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is carrying out the sodium and sugar reduction policy to promote healthy eating habits. Sodium and sugar are essential to health, but excessive sodium and sugar intake may be harmful to health. Accordingly, to induce citizens to recognize the importance of reducing sodium and sugar intake and actively participate in the initiative, the ministry is planning to implement a mid-to long-term PR strategy and PR roadmap for various stakeholders.
  • [Philips] A photo call with Philips beauty brand model, Jin Se-yeon 2016.06 @ Philips beauty counter in Hyundai Department Store at COEX Philips held a photo call to propose a total beauty care solution for those who plan to go on vacation, with actress Jin Se-yeon, who is Philip’s beauty brand model and the heroine of ‘Okjunghwa,’ a popular drama on MBC. At this event held at the Philips beauty counter in Hyundai Department Store at COEX, actress Jin Se-yeon posed next to the representative beauty product of Philips beauty, and proposed a pre-vacation beauty care routine and held a signing event for her fans. The consumer response to this event was very positive.
  • [Chevrolet] Chevrolet launches the All New Malibu 2016.04~2016.05 @ Gocheok Sky Dome & W Hotel The global brand Chevrolet held a launching event and media test-drive event for the 9G full change mid-size sedan Malibu. Featuring a sporty design, a size bigger than most cars in the same segment and state-of-the-art specifications, the new Malibu received more than 10,000 pre-orders in just eight business days after it began to receive pre-orders, creating a great sensation in the mid-size sedan market.
  • [NVIDIA] NVIDIA VR Experience Day 2016.04~2016.05 @ W Café in WeMakePrice Building The ‘VR Experience Day’ is an hands-on event planned by NVIDIA, which is leading the creation of the ecosystem for the virtual reality industry, to provide local users with an opportunity to experience the latest VR technology and contents firsthand. It triggered an explosion of interest. A whopping number of 1,600 people pre-registered for this event as it provided the special opportunity to try out the latest VR technology that is typically difficult to experience.
  • [EMC] EMC World 2016 2016.05 @ The Venetia Las Vegas Every year, EMC invites customers, partners, analysts and reporters from around the world to ‘EMC World.’ This comprehensive IT forum was held in 2016 focusing on the topic of ‘Modernize.’ This year Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell, and Joe Tucci, chairman of EMC, attended the forum with the integration of EMC and Dell just in the offing, and disclosed the name of the new company ‘Dell Technologies.’ It garnered a great deal of attention.
  • [Philips] Philips launches the full men’s grooming lineup 2016.04 @ Banyan Tree Club and Spa Philips held a press conference celebrating the full completion of the men’s grooming lineup. Actor Jeong Woo-seong, who was chosen as the main model for ‘Men of Philips’ and is a firm believer in Philips men’s grooming products, attended this event. With his healthy and confident charm, he introduced various grooming products, including the Philips razors, to those present at the press conference.
  • [LG] LG G5 Day 2016.02 @ Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona, Spain LG Electronics held the ‘LG G5 Day,’ and unveiled its flagship smartphone LG G5 and LG Friends. LGE disclosed its strategic smartphone of the first half, G5, a day before the opening of the world’s largest mobile exhibition ‘MWC 2016.’ More than 3,000 people from the media and industry filled the 1,800-seat venue.. Key figures from LGE partners like Google, Qualcomm, Parrot and Bang & Olufsen attended the LG G5 launching event, attracting tons of attention.


  • [Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF)] Craft Trend Fair 2015 2015.12 @ COEX In 2015, the Korea Craft and Design Foundation hosted a very successful ‘Craft Trend Fair,’ where about 50,000 people visited the exhibition. The Craft Trend Fair, which introduces consumer goods and artworks, is a representative crafts exhibition that is leading the revival of the crafts culture with new topics and projects every year. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, under the topic of ‘Future in hand’, it introduced the changes in crafts throughout different time periods ranging from handicraft to 3D printing.
  • [VMware] vForum 2015 2015.11 @ COEX Grand Ballroom At vForum 2015, various sessions regarding actual customer cases and solutions were held. During meetings with reporters, presentations were given about network virtualization strategies that encourage efficient and safe data center operations, the hybrid cloud which makes it possible to use both public and private clouds at the same time and business mobility which implements business environments in any device, anywhere at any time.
  • [EMC] EMC Tech Seminar 2015.11 @ EMC Korea in Yeoksam-dong, KoreaC EMC Korea held a media briefing to introduce the strategy and vision of EMC’s new ‘Data Lake 2.0,’ as well as its new product ‘EMC Isilon.’ At this event, the next-generation strategy of ‘Data Lake,’ which can efficiently store and process various kinds of large-scale data, was introduced with regards to big data in which enterprises have recently shown great interest in.
  • [엔비디아] NVIDIA G-STAR 2015 2015.11 @ Bexco in Busan NVIDIA greatly reinforced its VR experience hall at the largest game show in Korea, ‘G-STAR 2015,’ and the audience responded very positively to it. The company successfully publicized VR among Korean users. In particular, it operated the HTC Vive VR experience hall for the first time in Korea, thereby solidifying its technical prowess and presence in the field of virtual reality, the hottest trend of the gaming industry.
  • [Philips] A consumer event in celebration of the Noodle Maker launch 2015.10 @ Cheonggye Plaza, Gwanghwamun In celebration of its launch of the Noodle Maker, Philips held a photo and consumer event at the Cheonggye Plaza near Gwanghwamun. At this event, Philips demonstrated the product, conducted a consumer survey and served a bowl of noodles, made with the noodle maker. This event attracted a great deal of public attention.
  • [NVIDIA] NVIDIA GeForce Day 2015 2015.10 @ COEX Conference Room The GeForce Day is a festival for gamers which allow local game users to enjoy and share the best gaming experience through the NVIDIA GeForce graphic cards. In celebration of the opening of ‘NVIDIA Friends,’ an online community was created by NVIDIA for communication between local gamers, the company prepared the largest programs and events, attracting great interest from many gamers.
  • [GM Korea-Cadillac] Cadillac Road to Table 2015.09 @ Elbon the Table The Cadillac Road to Table program combined test-drives with food to present the lifestyle pursued by the brand.. In addition to being able to test-drive all Cadillac’s being sold in Korea, customers had the special opportunity to try Cadillac-inspired food samples created in collaboration with Chef Choi Hyeon-seok. As a result, Cadillac’s bold, luxury feel was sensuously deli.
  • [NVIDIA] NVIDIA GTC Korea 2015 2015.09 @ Nine Tree Convention Gwanghwamun GTC is a GPU technology conference held by NVIDIA every year in Silicon Valley, US. Last year, it was held in Korea for the first time. Focusing on deep learning, which is in the limelight as the next-generation AI technology, various sessions were held for sharing the outcomes in GPU-based science, academics and commerce. Over 1,000 people from common carriers, educational institutions, research institutions as well as online portals attended the conference.
  • [VMware] VMworld 2015 2015.08~2015.09 @ Moscone Center in San Francisco VMworld, the world’s largest virtualization conference held annually by VMware, a leader of virtualization cloud, was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in August 2015 under the theme of ‘Ready for Any.’ With more than 300 booths at the exhibition, around 22,000 people including customers, officials to partners, analysts, media and bloggers from around the world attended the conference.
  • [GM Korea-Chevrolet] Chevrolet launches Trax diesel 2015.08.25 @ Nest Hotel Incheon Global brand, Chevrolet, held the launching event for the compact SUV Trax diesel and media test-drive event at Nest Hotel Incheon. Equipped with a premium 1.6L high-performance and environment-friendly diesel engine and 3G 6-speed automatic transmission, the Trax diesel provides safe, solid and dynamic driving performance better than other cars in the same segment, creating a new standard in the domestic, compact SUV market.
  • [GM Korea-Chevrolet] Chevrolet launches the Impala in the Korean market 2015.08.11 @ Hotel Shilla Chevolet, a global automotive brand, held the launching event for the 10G flagship sedan Chevrolet Impala at Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul. The best-selling large car in the US, ‘Impala,’ which sports powerful driving performance and various state-of-the-art active safety features, received more than 1,000 pre-orders in just six business days after it began to receive pre-orders.
  • [GM Korea-Chevrolet] Chevrolet launches The Next Spark 2015.07.01 @ Dongdaemun Design Plaza Global automotive brand, Chevrolet, held the launching event ‘The Next Spark’ for a new subcompact car model at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul. Armed with new interior and exterior designs and additional advanced cutting-edge technology, The Next Spark provides the best driving performance in its segment, firmly establishing itself as a leader in the subcompact car market.
  • [GM Korea-Cadillac] Cadillac holds a test-drive event for the Cadillac BOLD EXPERIENCE 2015.05 @ Yongin Speedway GM Korea hosted the sensuous driving party called ‘Cadillac Bold Experience’ at the Yongin Speedway Circuit. It provided customers with an opportunity to experience not only the powerful and stable driving performance of major Cadillac models, such as the CTS sedan, ATS sedan and ATS coupe, but also the Bold Luxury identity pursued by the brand with their five senses.
  • [MAN Truck & Bus Korea] MAN launches a new Euro 6 product 2015.05 @ Ilsan KINTEX MAN Truck & Bus Korea, the Korean subsidiary of the MAN Truck Bus Group, a world-class commercial vehicle manufacturer, disclosed a total of 17 models, including the new Euro 6 engine lineups, i.e. tractors, dump trucks and cargo trucks, for the first time in Asia. MAN Truck & Bus Korea sold more than 1,000 vehicles in 2014, recording the highest growth rate by far among imported commercial vehicle brands and firmly establishing its status in the domestic imported commercial vehicle market.
  • [Korea Tourism Organization] Establishing the mid-to long-term strategy for 2020 about corporate meeting and incentive tour marketing 2014.11 ~ 2015.03 Korea Tourism Organization took note of the corporate meeting and incentive tour areas, which has recently become increasingly important and highly sustainable in the MICE industry. To position Korea as the top destination to visit in Asia, it established a mid-to long-term communication strategy and concomitant IMC execution plan, and is engaged in target marketing activities by analyzing DBs and identifying new DBs.
  • [GM Korea-Cadillac] Cadillac launches the ATS coupe 2015.01 @ Gabit Island Floating Island Convention The Cadillac ATS coupe is the first compact luxury sports coupe model which inherited the traditional luxury coupe pursued by the brand. In addition to its dynamic driving performance thanks to its lighter chassis compared to other sedan models, the dramatic body proportion unique to a coupe and state-of-the-art safety and convenience features, it contributes to the continuing growth momentum of Cadillac in the Korean market.